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Dr. Ben Croxford, PhD BEng


Job title, role on MSc course:


Senior Lecturer, Course Director MSc Environmental Design and Engineering


Research Interests:


Environmental monitoring, Air pollution, energy use, energy efficiency, occupant behaviour, optimum use of BMS controls, dynamic building simulation, TAS.


Short personal summary statement:


A background in computer systems and electronic engineering, led me into intelligent domestic central heating controls, once in the built environment department of what became University of Westminster, it was a short hop to air pollution monitoring in the streets, at the Bartlett. Continuing experience in monitoring of air pollution, temperature, humidity and energy, led to a lecturer post in the MSc Environmental Design and Engineering course.

I have run the dissertations for this course since 2000 and have supervised a large variety of topics since then. Recent interests are how to help occupants use low energy homes more effectively.


Other relevant information, including news:


Keynote address to GCREEDER 2009, Jordan, April 2009.




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MSc EDE, BENVGEE8 Energy Management and the Control of Noise, TAS teaching




LUCID, Bridging the Gaps, CENSY, Platform Grant


PhD students current:


Mona Rizig, Azita Ghandizadeh, Gemma Moore, Robert Hanson, Oscar Castro, Nina Glover, Aurore Julien, Neil Cogan


PhD Students completed:


Zaky Ja’Afar, George Spasis, Sarah Graham


PhD students examined:


Katrina Henderson - Cardiff University, Muhammad Ijaz Khan - UCL, Jorge Gomez Perales – Imperial College





Room 339,

Bartlett School of Graduate Studies,

1-19 Torrington Place,




Direct Phone:

School office phone:


UCL Extension:


+44 207 679 1890

+44 207 679 5916

+44 207 916 1880







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